The Best of Brule

Tyler's Hot List

1 The February issue of German AD is devoted to the Americas and has a profile on São Paulo architect Isay Weinfeld's latest project in Brasília. If you're in the market for a house in the sun, it will have you reaching for the phone.

2 Why Sweden's Polarn O. Pyret children's chain has not gone global and dominated every high street is a mystery. Every parent I know can't get enough of the brand's signature stripy knits and well-made clothes for toddlers.

3 I've been snapping up Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish modernist furniture and glassware at

4 I love to pretend that I live in Vienna by listening to ORF's FM 4 ( via my PowerBook.

5 Pedro Almodóvar's Bad Education is perfect fare for a Sunday afternoon. It also gives you an excuse to crack open a bottle of Cava just after lunch.

6 The best Web site for tracking down very obscure music is My latest finds are Maki Nomiya's two solo albums.

7 Hans Rooth and Lage Stone's Stil (Richters) takes coffee table-book publishing to a new plane. Focusing on houses in Stockholm, Paris, London, Copenhagen, and Milan, the photography inspires and the paper recalls book-binding from a gentler time.

8 Ian McEwan's Saturday is my current bedside read—soon to be followed by James Hawes's Speak for England and perhaps, just perhaps, the new John Grisham.