Berlin Film Museum

A nascent cultural star

A nascent cultural star is the Berlin Film Museum, whose multimedia exhibitions, covering almost 100 years of German film history, debuted on September 27. The highlight of the 16-room space is The Marlene Dietrich Collection, which weaves Marlene's life into the greater context of German politics, artistic expression, and cinema. Acquired from her estate, the collection offers 3,000 textile items (including film costumes and 400 hats), letters from the likes of Ernest Hemingway and Douglas Fairbanks Jr., private family photographs, and original prints by photographers such as Cecil Beaton and Edward Steichen. (Of course, because of sheer volume only a select number of these will be on display at any one time, rotating every six months.) "I am, thank God, a Berliner," the diva once said. How appropriate that, in the end, her suitcases would be back here. Sony Center, Potsdamer Platz, Berlin; 49-30-300-9030; fax 49-30-300-903-13;