Barcelona Furniture

Beautiful 20th-century furniture store

Founded in 1972 by six Catalan architects, Bd Ediciones de Diseño is without question the city's most breathtakingly beautiful furniture store. The former 19th-century print shop has a fanciful stone-and-tile facade, while the large atriumlike interior has been remodeled to airily stunning effect by the modernist architect Cristian Cirici. As befits the spacious surroundings, the range of 20th-century furniture sold here is vast, from reproductions of the major European masters—Mackintosh, Aalto, Hoffman—to the very latest gleaming aluminum shelving by cofounder/ owner Oscar Tusquets, himself a major designer. Although 30 percent of the merchandise is imported, you'll also find the best in new local home furnishings, like menswear designer Antonio Miro's splendid solid-cedar wardrobes. 291 Calle Mallorca; 34-93-458-6909; fax 34-93-207-3697. For distribution information in the United States: 212-228-3600.

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