Artist to Watch

There is no sign for Gallery D-137 and its basement location in a building off Nevsky Prospekt further obscures the trail. "This place is not for just anyone, it is only for people with taste," says owner Olga Osterberg. D-137 is one of the top showcases for contemporary art in town. Perhaps the most seductive talent who shows here is Marina Fed­o­rova, whose quiet, evocative, and sometimes lonely pictures are on view (she also designs posters for various fashion shows and balletic productions at the Mariin­sky Theatre). Fedorova uses a few primary colors to produce powerful imagery: a solitary woman emerging from a bar; two empty white chairs on a dock, the sea in front and the words I'm missing summer written across the top. She suggests Ed­­ward Hop­per, with an occasional glimmer of David Hockney. "Hopper is my hero," says the artist. And why, we ask, are the words used frequently in her work always written in English? "I think Latin letters are prettier than Cyrillic," she says. At 90–92 Nevsky Prospekt; 7-812/275-6011;