Artfully Asian

“Japan is like my second home,” says Ashley Isaacs Ganz, founder of the Manhattan-based bespoke travel consultancy Artisans of Leisure. “The country offers it all: elegance and beauty, incredible food and shopping, and a fascinating history.” Currently topping her list of must-visit spots is one of the country’s wealthiest cities, Kanazawa, known for its art museums and seafood markets. Ganz recently added the city to her company’s Contemporary Art of Japan trip which, like all the firm’s itineraries, is highly customizable. Relying on a team of on-the-ground and in-the-know guides, chefs, designers, and diplomats, Artisans can arrange anything from a lesson with a martial arts master to a visit to Isamu Noguchi’s former studio. From $21,190 a person for 13 days; 800-214-8144;