In the Air

Jet sets

It used to be that the amenity kit from your overnight flight was just one more thing to take up space in your carry-on. But airlines have realized that, to borrow a buzzword from Virgin, jetrosexuals (those smart travelers who are happiest when flying) need more than just shoehorns and sleep masks. Some eminently handy, others totally luxe, these front-cabin bags raise the bar, even at 33,000 feet.

This palm-size kit is the smallest we've seen, but it's packed with some of our favorite products from the spa line Elemis. (Even better: the airline's own Shanghai Tang black pajamas trimmed in lime green.) 800-233-2742;

Everything in the bag comes from England: Designer Anya Hindmarch created the Tower Bridge-printed case. The contents are from REN (lip balm and eye gel) and Aroma Therapeutics (a divine moisturizing mist). 800-247-9297;

This minimalist kit dispenses with the earplugs and toothpaste and goes straight for the good stuff: Bulgari perfume, Bulgari lotion, Bulgari lip balm. 800-742-3333;

Why a German airline chose the Provençal company L'Occitane for its goody bags is anyone's guess. Whatever, it works. The men's kit carries juniper face gel; women get shea butter moisturizer. 800-399-5838;

Brazil's national airline devised a kit you'll actually want to reuse. The square bag has a detachable pouch that doubles the storage space. Inside are petitgrain- and rosewood-scented products from La Essenza. 800-468-2744;

This bag is often voted best in the world—by whom we're not sure—and we understand why. The men's satchel, made of leather (genuine), is crammed with everything from Gillette to Roger & Gallet. 800-777-3999;