The Adventurer

Explora on Easter Island

Fans of the two Explora hotels in Chile have another reason to go wild: Easter Island. The company now has a safarilike expedition to the remote isle 2,000 miles west of Chile. The program, called Travesías, is big news because the country—also known as Rapa Nui—had little to offer those who enjoyed being pampered in the remote outdoors. The accommodations are simple—nine rooms divided between two stone-and-wood houses. (A full-scale hotel will open next year.) What's most impressive are the guides, who bring to life those mysterious moais, the stone heads erected with otherworldly devotion by the ancient Rapa Nuians. Our days consisted of hikes to the dramatic Ahu Vai Uri moai platform (where staff met us with a round of pisco sours at sunset) and the Rano Raraku volcano, where many moais were mined. Ceviche, salad, and Chilean wine was our reward there. From $1,230 per person for three nights, including excursions and meals; 56-2/206-6060;