The Best Places to Travel for the Holidays

DEPARTURES Editor-In-Chief Richard David Story and Senior Travel Editor Jessica Flint weigh in on where to go this holiday season.

Courtesy Miavana
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Miavana is a private island that’s going to be a game changer here. One of the original North Island investors owns this resort, and the buzz is it is going to be the “new” North Island. It’s opening December 17, and the first guests are booked for December 27. They are being very private about its development. The architects who designed North Island—a South Africa–based couple who have done quite a bit on the safari circuit—have designed Miavana. The snorkeling, diving, and fishing are great. The Madagascar mainland is two miles away. You can take a short walk on the mainland and see lemurs—some endemic only to that area. That’s an unusual thing to have on a beach holiday!