The Best Places to Travel for the Holidays

DEPARTURES Editor-In-Chief Richard David Story and Senior Travel Editor Jessica Flint weigh in on where to go this holiday season.

Courtesy Kokomo Island
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I can think of nothing better than staying around the home fires come the holidays. Unless I didn’t want to. And this season, I didn’t want to. Luckily, I was able to get a hotel reservation by early September for late November; i.e., for Thanksgiving week. It wasn’t easy, even for the editor of this magazine, and God knows, I tried hard enough.

'Tis the season—for happy days at or away from home, dining at the Chanukah table or unwrapping gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. But it’s also the season to be...annoyed! Frustrated! Exasperated! Though consumer confidence has been extremely low, aka scary, leading up to the election, you’d never know it if you tried booking someplace warm for this winter. Since those days between Christmas and New Year’s are among the most coveted of the year—and the most frustrating to book—I reserved Antigua’s Jumby Bay for the five days of Thanksgiving week. Even that wasn’t easy. Christmas was impossible. 

So what’s a warm-weather fanatic to do? Luckily, I have the best travel editor in the business in Jessica Flint, who sent me an internal memo on just this subject, which you can read in the following slides.