You Can Buy a Private Island in Belize for Less Than the Cost of a Manhattan Studio Apartment

Courtesy 7th Heaven Properties

For $350,000, you could live in paradise.

Do you ever sit at work daydreaming about escaping to a private island away from it all? That pipe dream is impossible for many...or is it? A private island in Belize just hit the market for an affordable $350,000, making owning a slice of paradise within reach. But, there is a slight catch.

That low six-figure price tag is only for the one-acre island as there’s currently no plumbing, electric, structures, or clearings. You’re getting a completely blank slate. Although, that also means you have the chance to build your dream home, which shouldn’t be too difficult according to the listing.

“Situated only 7 miles off the coast of Belize, the island is a 20-minute boat ride from the mainland, providing ease of access for shipping construction materials and equipment, as well as future residents and guests,” it reads. “The island offers plenty of space to build several houses or cabanas, a great area ideal for a beach, and a natural cove with deep water that would be perfect for building a dock.”

Courtesy 7th Heaven Properties

What’s more, is the island features a couple of sought-after natural amenities. In addition to the one acre of land, there’s national land that “measures 66 feet from the high water level” bringing the total area to 2.5 acres. That extra acreage is basically clear shallow water surrounding the edge of the island making it possible to walk over 90 feet out and still only knee-deep in water.

Plus, the red and black mangroves and other tropical greenery that fills in the island creates numerous possibilities for hidden bungalows and private nooks. And it’s part of a series of islands that make up the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For inspiration, look at other private islands like Little Harvest Caye, which features a five-bedroom home for rent that comes with a full staff. Or, book a villa at Cayo Espanto, a private island with only seven available beachfront accommodations. After all, you’ll need to test the waters before building your paradise.