A New Way to Commute for the Weekend: Reserve a Yacht to the Hamptons

Courtesy of Barton & Gray Mariners Club

With the launch of the Long Island Commuter, Barton & Gray makes the trek out east as enjoyable as the destination.

Barton & Gray Mariner’s Club—the yacht timeshare that offers all the benefits of boat ownership with none of the hassle—has just introduced a nautical alternative to the notoriously frustrating Hamptons commute. As of Memorial Day, members can now reserve The Long Island Commuter, a 48’ Hinckley yacht, complete with a captain, first mate, and much more: The commuter will pick you up from the tip of Manhattan (joining Barton & Gray’s roster of 14 official harbors this summer), and in just 3.5 hours, drop you at the dock of your choosing—even at your waterfront home. But don’t worry if you find yourself hankering for something more than the Dom Perignon, craft beer, and snacks stocked in the galley; the concierge is happy to arrange to stop at a seaside restaurant for dinner along the way. Now doesn’t that sound better than the Jitney?

One way trips starting at $2,750; bartonandgray.com.