Picturesque Irish Island Invites Americans to Move There With Open Letter

iStockphoto/Getty Images

Behold, the art of a well-written letter.

In case you feel like dropping everything and moving to Ireland, Arranmore has an offer for you. This tiny community of 469 people and a mere three miles off of the coast of the County Donegal wrote an open letter to welcome people to move to the island. The region, which has survived off of fishing and farming, has had trouble encouraging younger generations, more interested in other jobs, to stay on the island.

The letter really focuses on Arranmore’s connectability, namely its high-speed Internet and new digital co-working space. In an interview with CNN, Arranmore Island Community Council Member Adrian Begley shared more insight: "We're the most connected island in the world, so we wanted to send a letter to the rest of the world to say we're here, we're open for business."

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It wouldn’t be a bad move if you can work remotely, depending on the time zone difference. Waking up to the lush green views of Ireland and plugging in for the day? Much better than confining yourself to a busy office. The letters are detailed, breaking down the history of Arranmore’s people and why they aren’t attracting new generations: “It's been a challenge for people to work here. Until now. We've a whole host of multi-talented people here, ready to collaborate.” Among the community are a game developer, photographer, app developer, and a graphic designer.  

The letter specifically targets Americans and Australians, tempting them through regional delicacies (“seafood to rival the tastiest New England clam chowder”). There’s no free land being offered in this plea for residency, but the ability to enjoy life at a slower pace may make it worthy of some people’s attention. And if you need more convincing, this might put you over the edge: “Why not come here. Your commute, no matter where you are, will only ever be five minutes.”