American Express Partners With the U.S. Travel Association to Inspire Future Travel

Courtesy U.S. Travel Association

The Let’s Go There campaign launches today to start a conversation amongst American travelers on the future trips they’d like to take.

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To inspire excitement around the future of travel, the U.S. Travel Association—in partnership with leading travel brands like American Express—today launches the Let’s Go There campaign. The impetus for this campaign was simple: to start a conversation with travelers about future getaways. To that end, the U.S. Travel Association assembled a coalition of 75 travel-related businesses and organizations, including American Express, Delta, Hilton, and Marriott, to encourage Americans to plan future trips.

The Let’s Go There coalition has been working for months on how to approach travel while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic. They turned to a recent poll conducted by happiness researcher Michelle Gielan, which found that travelers are much happier when they have a future trip planned. In fact, 97% of the poll’s respondents said as much—with 71% also saying they felt more energized if they had a trip planned in the next six months. In seeing the positive effects of trip planning, the U.S. Travel Association has put together the industry-wide  campaign to encourage discussion of future getaways.

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Change and cancellation policies have never been more flexible, as the travel industry adapts to accommodate the uncertainty that comes with living through a pandemic. And because of that flexibility, travelers can start to plan trips—even with unresolved variables—to satiate their wanderlust and improve their mood and overall energy level.

President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association Roger Dow feels now is a poignant time for the travel industry to unite behind Let’s Go Together, the campaign for future trip planning.

“We have all missed getting away to be with others and experience moments that clear your mind and refresh your soul,” remarked Dow. “Those days will return, and we want travelers to know we’ll be ready when they’re ready to make their next trip.” 

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The underlying theme to the Let’s Go There campaign is that travelers shouldn’t be afraid, but rather, excited to look ahead. Gielan’s research reinforces the idea that anticipating future travel drives happiness, even more so than reflecting on past trips. So get out the map, and start planning. 

Join the Let’s Go There conversation on social media with the hashtag #LetsMakePlans.