These Are Americans' Dream Travel Destinations, New Study Finds

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Only one U.S. city made the list.


If given the opportunity to plan your perfect vacation, where would you go? Would you stay domestic or pursue an international excursion?

If you chose international, you're not alone. A new survey found that given the chance to take the trip of a lifetime, most Americans would opt for an international vacation. 

Jetcost—a travel website that compares prices for travel agencies, hotel booking sites and airlines—surveyed 4,169 Americans (18 and above) on what their dream vacations would be. Beijing, London and Niagara Falls took the first three spots, with New York City being the only domestic destination—that is, aside from Niagara Falls, which lies on both U.S. and Canadian soil.

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Despite the fact that only 42% of Americans own a passport, according to the U.S. Department of State, many dream of far-flung destinations when it comes to their ideal vacations. Of those surveyed, a resounding 61% included Beijing at the top of their list, with 57% choosing London, and 52% dreaming of Niagara Falls. Below is a full list of the top 10 destinations. 

1.      Beijing, China – 61%

2.      London, England – 57%

3.      Niagara Falls, Canada/USA – 52%

4.      Paris, France – 47%

5.      Mexico City, Mexico – 44%

6.      Dublin, Ireland – 43% 

7.      Tokyo, Japan – 41%

8.      Athens, Greece – 36%

9.      New York City, USA – 36%

10.  Sydney, Australia – 32%

Additionally, respondents were asked what domestic destinations topped their bucket lists, with 82% choosing New York City and 76% opting for San Francisco. Those that made the below list should come as no surprise, as these destinations are already some of the most visited in the country.

1.      New York City – 82%

2.      San Francisco – 76%

3.      Yosemite – 72%

4.      Grand Canyon – 69%

5.      Las Vegas – 67%

What may come as a surprise is that only 16% of those surveyed said that they've actually visited their dream destination, whether domestic or international. So what are you waiting for? Start planning that trip of a lifetime.

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