Alaina Castillo

The singer on the sounds of silence and chasing sunsets.

Highly subjective takes on life's most interesting experiences.

Where’s the quietest place you’ve been? The loudest?

The quietest place I've ever been to is Sequoia National Park. I went with my parents and a friend and we took a path that had not been walked before, and went so far into the forest that the silence was almost loud. We just sat there for a little and tried to see if we could hear anything, but it was almost like you had your eyes closed in the dark. The loudest place I’ve been is a rave.

The most dramatic sunsets and sunrises?

Texas 100%! I haven’t been out of the U.S. except to Mexico when I was young, but I have been to LA, New York, Florida, and a few places in between, and there is nothing like a Texas sunset. That sounds so country, which makes me cringe, but the colors range from bright orange to dark purple or light red, and I would go on long runs at night or in the morning just to get a picture, or sit on a bench and watch.

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Alaina Castillo

Born in Houston, Texas, in a tight-knit religious Mexican household, Alaina Castillo was drawn to music, art, and sports at an early age, but kept her true passion for music under wraps. Sharpening her writing skills in both English and Spanish, Castillo eventually found a new sense of freedom when moving to Austin, Texas, for college, and started putting music up on the internet. She’s since unveiled her debut EP, “Antisocial Butterfly,” in late 2019 followed by the 2020 “voicenotes EP” and its Spanish counterpart “mensajes de voz.”

Hisham Akira Bharoocha Illustrator

Hisham Akira Bharoocha is a multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, New York, working across various mediums including large-scale murals, paintings, drawings, collages, audio/visual installations, and performances.


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