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This Ultra-luxe Truck Comes With an Incredible Tailgating Situation

This might just be the most luxurious way to tailgate.


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When you think of traveling in luxury, you’re more likely to recall a moment in business class or a sports car; not speeding along the road in a massive truck. But I recently found myself in Newfoundland barreling down the highway in the new 2019 GMC Sierra—and it was awesome. Let me follow that up by sharing that I am in no way a truck aficionado, let alone a fan of any car. (I live in New York City; Uber is a way of life.) Needless to say, I was what you might have called a “tough critic.” But the bells and whistles that come with this ride had my head spinning.

GMC invited me out to get a first look at the new design. While many of features stood out, there was one in particular that caught my truck-adverse attention: the multi-step tailgate. I grew up in Wisconsin, land of blow-out Green Bay Packers tailgating parties that rivaled any momentous birthday celebration. Having the new Sierra Denali would have made you King or Queen of the parking lot within minutes.

Still not convinced? This is the only truck on the market with this kind of technology. Here’s how the new MultiPro tailgate works: You lift and pull out the tailgate as you usually would and you can leave it as is or laid out flat, if you’d like. But to reveal the steps, there are a series of buttons built into the tailgate that will expand the gate. At its full expansion, there’s a step that makes it easier to access to truck bed. There’s also an extendable bat on the left side of the bed that can be used as a support for getting up on the truck.

Sure, the step is helpful when you’re loading up your truck bed or looking for a quick seat, but it also doubles as a workspace. Here’s a video from Jalopnik on the tailgate breaking down how it works:

But the best part of the whole thing may be the outlet that’s conveniently located within inches of the tailgate steps—perfect for making some impromptu margaritas.

Among the other luxury amenities are a heads-up display, which projects customizable data onto the windshield (like speed limits); the most realistic rear camera mirror with a resolution that rivals any DSLR camera; and a magnetic-led trailering system that comes complete with an app.

Whether you’re hosting a small crowd in a parking lot before a game or taking off on a road trip, prepare to be pampered. You can read more about the new Sierra Denali and how to purchase one here.


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