After-Dark Adventures: Best Vacations for Night Owls

At these 10 destinations, the real excitement begins as the daylight vanishes.

Basecamp Spitsbergen
OF 11

Mushing Under the Northern Lights, Spitsbergen, Norway

On Spitsbergen—the largest island in Norway’s Svalbard Archipelago, in the Arctic Ocean—no roads connect the towns. Instead, travelers get around by boat during summer and by snowmobile or dog sleds during winter. On this two-day package from operator Basecamp Explorer Spitsbergen, you’ll first learn how to steer huskies; then you can take them on a ride to explore the cool blue valleys covered in unspoiled snow, taking in the Arctic silence and the continuous polar night, which lasts from October until February. Just a faint wisp of distant sunlight lurks behind the mountains by January, but the shimmery curtains of northern lights will be there to guide your way. Package starts at $1,175 per person, including tent lodging, gear and most meals; 9171 Longyearbyen; 47/7902-4600;