Top Ultra-Quiet Hotels

The very best properties for a good night’s rest. 

Jesse David Harris
OF 14

In big cities, a room of one’s own may be easy to find, but peace and quiet is rarely a guarantee. Thankfully, hotels from New York to Bangalore, Mexico City to Paris have gone the extra mile to keep urban sounds out and serenity in, just when guests need the silence most.

For some properties, location is everything, and a quiet corner in a bustling locale can make all the difference. But in places where calm is a rarity and extra measures are required, properties turn to clever architectural and decorating tricks, which double as plush design details—think: sound-absorbing fabrics (velvet, leather, cotton), extra-thick doors and windows, and bedside buttons that de-activate the phone and doorbell.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place to recharge or simply seeking a good night’s sleep after a day of sightseeing, you can leave those earplugs at home—you won’t need them in these sanctuaries.