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Courtesy of Boston Acoustics
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TVee Soundbars, Boston Acoustics

If you have a big TV but think the sound quality is as thin as the screen, adding a soundbar will make watching a movie much more compelling. Long, narrow speakers placed under a TV were once only used in complex, multi-speaker home-theater systems. But products like the TVee 10 ($200) by Boston Acoustics are adapted for a more real-world setting. The slim shape is the same as its predecessors, but the TVee 10 includes a 30-watt amplifier for room-filling sound and Dolby Digital decoding for surround-sound effects. And while the bass on the TVee 10 is surprisingly effective, those looking for a bigger sonic boom should opt for the 150-watt TVee 26 ($350) that includes a wireless subwoofer that can be positioned virtually out of sight.