Top Mediterranean Boutiques

Fashionable finds abound at these shops tucked away in the sunny, stylish region.

Courtesy of Carthusia
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Carthusia, Capri

Merchant Manifesto: Carthusia has symbolized the ne plus ultra of Italian fragrance since 1948, selling perfumes to the soigné Caprese set, glitzy tourists and even royals. Legend has it that in 1380, a priest from the Carthusian Monastery in Capri created a perfume for Queen Giovanna.

Shoppers: Jacqueline Onassis, Frank Sinatra and George Clooney have visited the company’s factory and flagship store. There are three other outposts in Capri and several throughout Italy.

The Goods: A vast selection of eaux de toilette, perfumes and diffusers (from $65), featuring the popular unisex Mediterraneo (lemon, green tea) and Gelsomini di Capri, a floral-based fragrance for women. The latest creation, dubbed Capri Forget Me Not, boasts notes of mint, vanilla and fig. Viale Matteotti, 2d; 39-081/837-0368;