Top Farm-to-Table Hotel Restaurants

From house-hived honey to freshly foraged mushrooms, ingredients at these sustainable operations don’t travel far to the table.

Courtesy of Gibbs Farm
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Gibb’s Farm, Karatu, Tanzania

Sprawling over 75 acres on the slopes of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, Gibb’s Farm sits on an 80-year-old coffee plantation and has three decades of experience producing organic fruit, vegetables, coffee and meat. In its nose-to-tail system, 90 percent of kitchen ingredients come from the farm, and scraps are either composted or fed to the pigs, which in turn become salami and bacon in the smokehouse. More than 20 active beehives provide fresh honey and pollinate the heritage gardens, while six dairy cows produce enough milk for the cheese, butter, yogurt and ice cream enjoyed by guests. Chef Lisa Campbell’s “pick, clean and serve” approach centers on fresh, seasonal ingredients and relies on a team of 16 farmers and vegetable gardeners to harvest produce and tend the animals. The farm bustles all year, yielding 11,000 pounds of coffee between May and December and roasting the beans each morning for cups of joe in the dining room. Rooms, from $535; 757-428-1166;