Top Bakeries

From delectable pastries to out-of-this-world bread, these bakeries know how to delight with dough.

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Vegan Treats, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 

When the vegan movement first entered the mainstream, vegan desserts emphasized imitation by attempting to approximate standard treats without using animal products. Today, vegan bakers pioneer an entirely new genre of goodies. For Vegan Treats owner Danielle Konya, the breakthrough item was her chocolate-peanut butter mousse bomb cake. Just as delightfully caloric as it sounds, the treat defies the perception that cutting out dairy means sacrificing indulgence. With 36 varieties of cheesecake (including brownie chunk), a roster of doughnuts and 24 chocolate cakes, Konya makes a strong case for making the move to veganism. 1444 Linden St.; 610-861-7660;