Time For Ulysse Nardin

The Spirit of Innovation

Eternally inventive and bound to become heirlooms for future generations, Ulysse Nardin’s marine chronometers fuse bold innovation with impressive style. The company — which proudly points to 168 years of accomplishment and skill in executing revolutionary, technical feats — is the recipient of 4,300-plus watchmaking awards including 18 gold medals and the greatest number of patents in mechanical watchmaking. Located in Le Locle, the birthplace of the Swiss watchmaking industry, Ulysse Nardin is among the world’s most coveted brands.

Pioneering Powerhouse

Breakthrough achievements in the watch industry include Ulysse Nardin’s pioneering use of nanotechnology materials such as DIAMonSIL, an alliance of silicium and man-made diamond. Extremely light but hard, this material eliminates friction and removes the need for lubrication within a mechanism, the watchmaker’s holy grail. Ulysse Nardin collections, including its most iconic works, are organized within a four-pillar system:

  • Marine movements honor Ulysse Nardin’s seafaring heritage and meld the precision of engineering with technology
  • Functional timepieces include the game-changing Perpetual Calendar, Dual Time and Sonata
  • Exceptional manufactures showcase the Trilogy of Time series and include the groundbreaking use of silicium and minute repeaters, where time is not only seen but also heard
  • Classico timepieces integrate in-house dials with the centuries-old art of enameling.

Magnificent Models

Today’s Ulysse Nardin timepieces showcase the company’s distinguished heritage along with its scientific knowledge, cutting-edge technology and unique aesthetic sensibility. These are among the company’s exceptional creations.

The Marine Chronometer Manufacture is the latest addition to the Ulysse Nardin marine watch collection prized by frequent travelers and explorers. Its self-winding Caliber UN-118 movement was conceived and executed entirely in-house and using Silicium and DIAMonSil.

The Freak watch was honored with the prestigious “New Technology” award from Revolution magazine. Stripped of its dial and hands, the Freak Blue Cruiser with Dual Ulysse Escapement in silicium is designed so that the movement revolves on itself to indicate time and it also incorporates ten additional technical feats.

The Dual Time Manufacture is a significant milestone in the history of contemporary watchmaking. It made it possible to adjust the second time zone forward as well as backward for the first time. Now this watch is available with an automatic movement manufactured entirely in-house by Ulysse Nardin.

The Perpetual Manufacture — crafted in celebration of infinity — is a limited-edition piece powered by the Caliber UN-32 movement that features the most advanced perpetual calendar in the history of watchmaking. Allowing the date to be adjusted both forward and backward, this mechanical gem accommodates the ebb and flow of time in perpetuity.

The Skeleton Tourbillon Manufacture celebrates the interplay of light and innovation. Skeletonizing is an art that aims to reveal the inner workings by reducing the structure of components to a bare minimum, allowing light to penetrate freely through.

Steadfast in its journey to remain in the lead, Ulysse Nardin looks to its own universe to plot its course and continues in the spirit of innovation.

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