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The 2019 Literary Events That Every Book Lover Should Attend

A great book takes readers on a journey. Let these books lead you on a few specific ones this year.

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One of Europe's Most Inspiring Art Collections Can Be Found on a Tiny Island Off the French Riviera

The island of Porquerolles holds a truly amazing art collection at the Fondation Carmignac.

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Why Art Collectors Are Vying for Automotive Masterpieces

Vintage cars have officially joined the art establishment.

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In New York City, the Rules Of Performance Are Being Dramatically Rewritten

It’s music! No, It’s dance! No, it’s...something else entirely.

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Hong Kong Steps Out on the World's Cultural Stage

Complete with ambitious new museums, international galleries, and a blossoming local scene that could shape its identity for generations.

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The University of Illinois at Chicago Wants to Build a Building With a Roving Roof

The chosen design features a rooftop that will move to the beat of a conductor’s baton.

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Swiss Artist Not Vital Has Spent a Lifetime Creating Otherworldly Installations Across the Globe

His latest project, in the Engadine Valley, is the culmination of his creative vision––and in every way very close to home.


Dexter Fletcher Talks Collaborating With Elton John on "Rocketman"

And gives insight into the colorful, to say the least, wardrobe.


Famed Architect I.M. Pei Has Died at the Age of 102

The famous architect behind The Louvre pyramid and many other iconic monuments passed away at home on Thursday.

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The Art Ensemble of Chicago Continues to Break the Mold

The legendary jazz ensemble is still proving strong after 50 years.