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The 30 Biggest Cultural Events Turning 30 This Year

As Departures celebrates its 30th anniversary, we’re shining a light on the moments that defined the year that it all came together.

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Cyrill Gutsch and Yves Béhar Talk Sustainability

They may have different ideas about how to get there, but these two groundbreaking creatives agree there’s one goal: healthy, plastic-free...

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These Boundary-Pushing Playwrights Talk Theater, Creative Activism, and Turning Trauma Into High Art

Anna Deavere Smith and Jeremy O. Harris open up to Departures.

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Swizz Beatz, Jordan Casteel, Hank Willis Thomas, and Derrick Adams Talk African American Art

A top collector and three trailblazing artists on breaking down barriers and recognizing the value of African American art.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda Discusses His Mission as an Artist Activist

The busiest man in show business—and father of two—has time and passion to spare to fight for the causes he believes in.

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Here's How to Experience Even More Magic with Harry Potter on Broadway

Be a part of the continuation of J.K. Rowling's iconic saga as an American Express Platinum Card Member.

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The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts Has a New Cultural Exhibition

The Kennedy Center’s nimble expansion opens the American institution to fresh ideas.

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Global Movement Calls for Pillaged Works of Art to Be Returned to Their Countries of Origin

Depending on how Western institutions answer the dilemma of art repatriation, a stroll through the museum might never be the same.


Anthony Bourdain’s ‘Hungry Ghosts’ Graphic Novels in Development as TV Series

Sony Pictures Animation is working on the forthcoming project.

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Virgil Abloh's Much Anticipated First Exhibition Opens in Chicago

A new exhibit in Chicago highlights the multidisciplinary vision of the celebrated Louis Vuitton designer.