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Beyond Frida

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First Impressions

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The Day Che Died

In Profile

Tell Him Ralph Sent You

As men's grooming takes on ever more gloss, what becomes of the old-fashioned barber? Welcome to Clemente DiMonda's one-chair Madison Avenue...

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Splash Art

After exploding onto the scene with gorgeous spectacles of violence and glory, painter Barnaby Furnas takes an abstract turn.

By Design

Peter's Game Plan

A famous avant-garde architect seems an unlikely choice to design an NFL stadium. But Peter Eisenman did just that—and, it would appear, created...

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So You Think You Can Dance?

By day she was Dan Rather's right hand at CBS News, by night, a flamenco diva they called La Maha. Kim Akhtar retraces the steps of her double...

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The Genius of Madama Feng

Han Feng costumes a new breed of Butterfly.