Culture Watch

Czech, Please!

Collectors searching for untapped sectors of modern design are looking behind the Iron Curtain.

Culture Watch

American Idols

With his clever appropriation of ads, jokes, and celebrity photos, Richard Prince casts a jaundiced eye on our nation's myths and aspirations.

Culture Watch

Kitschy, Kitschy Cool

With a dremel saw and a paintbrush, Barnaby Barford turns flea market ceramics into sharp-witted social commentary.

Out There

Lounge Act

Culture Watch

Dancing in East Berlin. Again.

First opened nearly a century ago, Clärchens Ballhaus has reemerged as a landmark of the city’s famous nightlife.


My Mother’s Lovers

For this year’s Culture issue, Departures presents its first-ever fiction excerpt. What follows is from the upcoming novel by South...

First Person

I Slept in the Glass House

As Philip Johnson’s modernist masterpiece opens to the public this spring, Barbara Heizer recalls the blissful week she house-sat for her...

Culture Watch

The Connoisseurs

When Galerie J. Kugel abandoned its longtime home on the Rue St.-Honoré for new quarters on the Left Bank a couple years ago, the unveiling was...