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“How’s That, Sir?”

Hisham Oumlil gives classic tailoring an international twist.

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The Style of a Fragrance Guru

How the “nose” behind fragrances for Marc Jacobs, Comme des Garçons, and Donna Karan puts it together.


The Kor Club

Unapologetically obsessive. Relentlessly ambitious. Hotelier Brad Korzen is the consummate perfectionist. Robin Pogrebin checks in with the...

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The Eccentric

A little Auntie Mame, a bit Marchesa Casati, she believes one bangle is never enough

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Pure Formality

No matter how creative black tie gets, certain rules always apply. How daring can a white tuxedo shirt really be?

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The $165,000 Question

Designer Dennis Basso talks one conflicted shopper off the fur-lined ledge.

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The Cover-up

Through daring color choices and with the help of some very refined Mongolian goats, Denis Colomb perfects the art of the cashmere wrap.

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Earthly Delights

Haute joaillerie is the jewelry world’s haute couture. Elisabeth Franck-Dumas chronicles the making of Van Cleef & Arpels’s latest...

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A Simpler Time

When it comes to complicated modern timepieces, sometimes it seems that less is definitely more.