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Tom Ford's Custom Shoes

The rarefied process of custom shoemaking is now in plain sight at Tom Ford’s New York store.

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Kiton’s $870 Jeans

There are $50 jeans, $350 jeans, and up it goes. Kiton CEO Antonio De Matteis presents his case for a suitmaker’s classic denim.


Seven Must-Have Dresses

“That touch of pink…or perhaps Wedgwood blue, hammered copper, or candy-cane red. What, we ask, will you be wearing tonight?”

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Custom Louis Vuitton Luggage

To celebrate its workshop’s 150th anniversary, the fashion house has created bespoke pieces for artist Damien Hirst, chef Ferran Adrià,...

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The Secret to Hermès’s Success

How has this 172-year-old French leather-goods company remained successful?

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Reinventing Old Fashions

Designers reinvent the past, proving that true style never goes out of fashion.

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Unique New York Gallery Shop

Partners & Spade, a collection of serendipitous discoveries and perfect oddities—all for sale—may just alter the way we see shopping.