Modern English

Corbu, French country, and credenzas from Milan—when it comes to London's newest design shops, there's no such thing as too darn haute.


Six Must-Have Spring Accessories

The perfect scarf, shoe, bag, cuff, glasses, and necklace, as rendered by illustrator Jean-Philippe Delhomme.


Vera Wang’s Fashion Empire

She’s a 60-year-old in black leggings and booties, a designer who sells $800 tank tops at Bergdorf’s and $30 T-shirts at Kohl’s. An independent...


A Child’s Fashion Fable

Playing dress-up for a Los Angeles fairy tale.

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Book: Gentlemen of Bacongo

The particular, peculiar chic of the Congo’s Brazzaville sapeurs, whose sartorial style is anything but impoverished.

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Small Shops Go Online

A veteran journalist—and consummate shopper—puts the country’s small, independent retailers on the e-commerce map.

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Custom-Made Boxers

In the very particular world of bespoke tailoring, are custom boxers the ultimate in understatement or pure folly?

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The Classic Robert Talbott Suit

Robert Talbott’s homegrown classics combine the ease of the company’s California roots with a touch of East Coast cool.

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Record-Breaking Auction Jewelry

How jewelry got its glitter back.


Fashion at the Zegna Mansion

The house that Ermenegildo built is the ideal setting for highlighting his company's exquisite tailoring.