Ethiopian Tribal Fashion

In Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, Departures documents the rituals of the Surma and Mursi tribes, who see nature as an accessory atelier and...

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The Summer's Must-Have Fashion

The season’s varied itineraries require multiple wardrobe changes. We asked our perennial style favorites for their fashion game plan.

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The Most Exclusive Skeleton Watches

The season’s new skeleton watches—gorgeous, with movement visible from the front and back and priced accordingly—expose what really makes them...


The Trend Report 2005

From the first Michelin guide NYC to siamese fighting fish, all the right stuff.

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A Is For Alexandrite...

The unofficial glossary of exotic gems


The Trend Report 2004

Meet Sally, the Prada key chain with a waiting list, and 30 other bags, bowls, and worldwide phenomena.

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As You Like It

There's something magical about a one-of-a-kind piece that exists nowhere else in the world. Six designers show how to make jewelry your very...

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The Natural

Jewelry designer Nicholas Varney

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Cameo Appearance

The ancient art of the cameo is newly fashionable, thanks in part to a dynasty of Italian carvers and designers on the outskirts of Naples.