On the Nourishing Power of Nature

With her laid-back floral arrangements and democratic approach to creativity, Willow Crossley has garnered a world of devotees — Ralph Lauren, Jo Malone, and Harry and Meghan included.



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SOON AFTER I moved from New York City to Newton Valence, a small village in the UK, I quickly realized that (to misquote Phoebe Waller Bridges’ iconic “Fleabag” character) “Flowers are everything.” The great British obsession with gardening revolves around plants, garden design, and landscaping, but it’s the flowers that truly capture imaginations. Restrained Brits are known to swoon at the sight of a perfect cottage rose.

Florist Willow Crossley, a modern-day Constance Spry, takes this obsession to a new level and continuously evolves it. Her earthy approach — seasonal and natural — complements the stylish yet laid-back entertaining people enjoy nowadays, making her a favorite among the country’s fashion and design set.

Crossley didn’t plan on becoming a florist. She left her family’s quiet English countryside home to study at the London College of Fashion, followed by a stint at Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler. But she grew tired of the breakneck pace of the fashion industry. “I was at a point in my life when I was spreading myself too thin, working as a personal shopper, still in fashion, writing a book,” she says. “My husband, Charlie, knew I had really enjoyed working on the chapter of my book about flowers, so [he] booked me in a flower arranging workshop, and I just really loved it so much.” After creating floral arrangements for a few friends, word got out about her talent, and as Crossley says, “The rest is history!”



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She now lives in an idyllic part of the British countryside called the Cotswolds in a fairytale farmhouse with her husband and three children. Unsurprisingly, there are flowers everywhere — dotted around the rooms in vibrant patches of color. As a starting point, she usually goes for walks in the nearby rolling hills to see what’s coming up. “I spend as much time as I possibly can outside, doing a lot of walking and picking wild garlic,” she says. “I plant loads of seeds, wake up my geraniums, and bring lots of spring bulbs into the house.” These walks, she reports, inspire her arrangements. “It’s mostly the way things grow, the shapes and color combinations that I see in nature that inspire me. Right now in the flowery calendar, I’m looking at the blossoms of catkins, these mad, droopy, beautiful creations that I love mixing in with tulips and paperwhites, which are now coming out as well. Solomon’s seal, foxgloves, peonies, they are all just my absolute favorites, and May is my favorite flower time.”


Her resulting creations have put her in high demand. Everyone from Harry and Meghan to Ralph Lauren, Jo Malone, and Aerin Lauder hire her to imagine floral tablescapes at their events. She collaborates with brands as well, most recently on a wallpaper design with Barneby Gates and rug designs with Amy Kent. She also films tutorial-style Instagram videos for a devoted fan base of followers in her home potting shed. Through the videos, you can learn where to get seeds and when to plant them, how to make wilted tulips regal again, and how to keep flowers fresh longer. “I really want to make flowers accessible to everyone,” she confirms.

Crossley’s most recent venture is a lifestyle website called The Seedling, which focuses on the nourishing power of nature. “I find there is very little out there now I want to read, so I created The Seedling, which has three pillars of focus that do interest me: inspire, create, and nurture. Everything we write about has to link to one of these key areas,” she says. So far, she’s found hosting interviews to be particularly moving. “I’m very inspired by women who have managed to have successful careers and balance family and friends and life. I’m really looking at creative women, people like Anya Hindmarch [the British accessories designer] and Cordelia de Castellane [the Dior Maison artistic director], who are at the same stage of life as me and seem to balance it all.” Crossley explains that she wants the site to be “very honest, to cover subjects that people don’t usually talk about. I struggled with postnatal depression after having my boys, and flowers and nature were a part of my healing.” Other topics include beauty, interior design, fashion, and — of course — lots of flowers.

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