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Hit the Slopes in Luxe Winter Gear

The best cold-weather clothing and accessories.

A photograph of Puffy Mittens Shop at Holden



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IN MID-AUGUST IT’S baking in Los Angeles. My friend DMs an IG post reporting that snow has fallen in Alma, Colorado — the highest self-governing town in North America. The news catapults me into full-on powder panic.* I forget it’s summer, and before long, find myself browsing alpine A-frames and plotting my winter escape. The snow junkie in me is lit.

My first time on skis is a faint memory confirmed by a photograph: I’m almost 2 years old and stuffed into a daffodil-colored snowsuit, and it’s dumping snow in southern Vermont. My father holds my hands, balancing me between the boot and tip of his wooden skis as he takes off, laughing with me. His love of flying a plane was second to none, but he swore that the best way to be airborne was on a set of skis, making trails through fresh powder at majestic altitudes. I have no desire to pilot a plane, but I’ll fly anywhere for snow.



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If feelings could be bought, the one I’d go broke for would be the rush of excitement and fear that I’m overcome with when I get in the lift line. When I’m the first one out after an epic snow dump. When my ski legs turn on and I whip ribbons through the trees. When I speed-carve around steep, powdered bumps in rhythm with gravity, my body mustering strength and power I didn’t know it had. That’s the feeling I want, forever. So if you love hitting the snow as much as I do, you may want to pack the following items for your upcoming season.

*Powder panic (pou-der pan-ik): A term used by skiers and snowboarders for the feeling of anxiety brought on by the knowledge that their favorite runs and stashes will be tracked out by noon.

Shop at Holden

AirWarm Highneck

I love winter apparel that is beautiful and minimalist, effortless and warm. Enter Holden, whose collections check all those boxes and then some. Based in Venice, California, they are the first snowboard brand to go high-end. Even off the slopes, I would lounge in their seamless AirWarm base layer. You’ll live in the cozy, soft merino wool and recycled nylon set crafted on WholeGarment knitting machines for zero-waste construction. SHOP NOW

Shop at Holden

Puffy Mittens

Holden gear hits the mark of great style made with luxury materials, sustainable principles, and cutting-edge technology. Their Puffy Mittens are lightweight hand pillows lined with velvety soft fleece, which promise extra warmth thanks to the NASA-developed PrimaLoft Gold insulation with Cross Core. Every collection of theirs will make you want to get into the snow, whether you have a board or not. SHOP NOW

Shop at Bomber

Stealth ABS Helment

I learned to ski before helmets. I don’t know about you, but I’m a convert. Right now, I’m stoked on the Bomber Stealth ABS helmet. First, this super safe, Class A–approved headgear is “Blade Runner” meets Daft Punk —futuristic and slick. Second, the integrated goggles offer a maximum field of vision, so you don’t have to pack extra eyewear. Finally, it’s an ultralight layer of warmth at just 1.3 pounds and guarantees no gaper gap (that space between the helmet and your goggles).

Bonus: This helmet has built-in patented SFR technology (Solid Fragrance Release) by Oikos Fragrances. That means the ventilation system releases scientifically proven sanitizing molecules to neutralize bacteria that cause unpleasant odors. Therefore, the helmet stays fresh even after hours of use. The only thing better than rocking this helmet would be securing a spot in one of Bomber’s bespoke five-star experiences that combine peak alpine adventures with renowned snow athletes. That would be bomb. SHOP NOW

Shop at Piecework


Snow-chilled beers. Check. Plaid wool blankets. Check. Vintage thermoses full of spiked cocoa. Check. Bubbling Swiss fondue. Check! Known for their playful, maximalist jigsaw puzzles, Piecework nails the details of the ultimate Alpine ski lodge and sets an idyllic winter mood in their release, Après-Ski. Whether you’re snowed in or ready to unwind from a day on the hill, it’s time to chill out, pour another glass, gather around, and picture yourself there, piece by piece. SHOP NOW

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Departures and American Express do not provide, endorse, or guarantee any of the items, and the sale of such items is governed by the third-party seller’s policies, terms, and conditions.

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