Clubs to Covet

© Joel Stans

For more than 50 years, clubmaker Katsuhiro Miura has produced irons and wedges for everyone from Tiger Woods to weekend golfers from his foundry in Himeji, the center of the Japanese steel industry. 

His company, Miura Golf, has acquired an almost comical aura of legend—the Japanese press refers to him as possessing the “hands of God.” Hyperbole aside, precision-forged Miura blade irons have to be seen (and played) to be believed. These beautifully balanced tools allow the golfer to sense the clubhead’s position throughout the swing and deliver a clean strike with a feel that is best described as buttery—almost as if the golf ball was never even there. The company rolls out new products only occasionally; the newest models to get (if you’re a righty, anyway) are the Limited Edition Series 1957 Cavity Back irons (from $275 each).