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Writer's Blanc

Bling it on! Diamond-hard penmanship for serious collectors.

A Curated Kitchen


A Curated Kitchen

Cookware to stir the soul.

Flying High


Flying High

Chopard’s Alpine Eagle gives sport watches an unexpected jolt of elegance.

Photography by Timothy A. Clary/AFP via Getty Images.


The Last Word on the US Open

Carvell Wallace on greatness, Serena, and the US Open’s best menswear.

Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Western Europe. It's also the name behind the iconic black lacquered fountain pen. To celebrate its 100th birthday, the Swiss company has added a new piece to its collection of wildly coveted limited-edition pens. At $173,000, there isn't exactly a popular demand for the Mountain Massif—only three were made. That, of course, was hardly the intention. Some 1,300 teeny-tiny diamonds were used to re-create an alpine silhouette along the white gold- and-transparent aqua glass casing; another 123 blue diamonds mimic the range's glaciers. And in place of Montblanc's familiar lacquered white star, a diamond cut in the shape of that emblem floats luxuriously in the cap. We wonder, would Dorothy Parker, equipped with such a pen, have complained that the labors of writing were so taxing that she had to lie down after writing a postcard? Available by special order at 908-508-2303.


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