Worldly Goods

Luxury on Ice

Everyone agrees that caviar should be put on a pedestal—the only question is: Should it be classic or modern? Handmade in London, Asprey & Garrard's cut-crystal bowl with sterling-silver detailing ($1,900) evokes the grandeur of a turn-of-the-century country manor. But should you prefer a more modern take on this old-fashioned luxury, Arca, the esteemed Italian design company, has created a horn bowl ($560) that is as sleek as it is chic.
Asprey & Garrard, 212-688-1811; Arca is sold at The L-S Collection, 212-334-1194.

—Eliza Scott

Plat du Jour

Platinum may be something you associate with your grandmother's jewelry, but think again. One of the world's strongest, most durable, and rarest metals, platinum, whose previous popularity skipped a couple of generations, is surfacing once again, not only in traditional wedding bands but in exotic jewelry like this African-inspired neckpiece. Handmade platinum necklace ($120,000) with diamonds from Orlando Orlandini for Simon Sobie & Co., 800-647-6243; pair of platinum bracelets ($30,000) with diamonds from Stephen Russell, 212-570-6900; five-row platinum bangle ($50,500) with diamonds from Asprey & Garrard, 800-883-2777; platinum and pavé diamond earrings ($21,500) from Kieselstein-Cord, 888-252-7009; platinum and pavé diamond bracelet ($18,700) from Jeannette Fossas, 800-255-3310; platinum and black-enamel chandelier earrings ($2,400) from Christian Tse, 888-688-1988.

-Kathleen Fitzpatrick