Navigating NYC's Menswear Shopping

Courtesy Peter Johnston

Inside tips for scoring men’s fashions in Manhattan.

The standard story about men is that they do not go shopping; they restock. Their closets are filled with indistinguishable white shirts and gray suits, drawers packed with black socks and identical jeans. This is not true. During the recent economic turmoil, men’s clothing—especially the most luxurious—has been a bright spot. More than ever, men are going to stores seeking clothes that go well beyond the blue button-downs they bought the year before—and the year before that. In recognition of this change, we’ve put together a guide to one of the world’s best shopping streets: New York’s Madison Avenue. We wanted it to be useful for men who have been interested in clothes for years, as well as for those who might be branching out for the first time, so the focus is on the lesser-known aspects of the best-known stores. We’ve found hidden lounges, new bespoke services, a place where you can work on your golf swing while buying a shirt and find a salesman who can help locate things you’ve never known you needed.