Mirrors, Mirrors

Michael Stratton

According to the Greeks, Narcissus took one look at himself in a pool of water and fell in love with his own reflection. Today’s mirrors offer many ways to channel one’s inner Narcissus, from Thomas Boog’s shell-trimmed frame to Philippe Starck’s superslick design in polycarbonate to Jonathan Adler’s whimsical antique brass–accented style. Regardless of a room’s scale, mirrors supply stylistic heft. “Hang one up above a console and a dreary hallway becomes warm and inviting,” says New York decorator Miles Redd. “Or in a living room, position a mirror as a focal point between two drawings as a respite for the eyes.” Whatever its place, we find that a mirror on the wall can be the most captivating accessory of them all. Redd agrees: “I never saw a mirror I didn’t like.”

  • Thomas Boog bespoke shell-bordered mirror, $8,500; 212-674-7611
  • Philippe Starck François Ghost mirror, $688; 212-966-6665
  • Babi glossy orange– lacquered mirror, $3,400; 866-755-9079
  • Ventana mirror by Jonathan Adler, $495; 800-963-0891
  • Driftwood mirror, $2,225; 631-287-5015
  • Vittorio Locatelli Egeso mirror with wild herb silkscreen, $3,300; 305-572-2900
  • Hervé van der Straeten Branches bull’s-eye mirror, $14,000; 212-674-7611