A Madison Avenue Tailor

Michael Turek

Istanbul-based Taci Seker creates a bespoke experience at his New York outpost.

The impeccably dressed Tacettin Seker, or “Taci,” the Istanbul-based tailor, speaks with a thick accent punctuated by a broad, easy smile. Seker opened his first Taji shop in Beyoglu, Istanbul, at the age of 26; now he employs 60 tailors and carries a well-worn passport, traveling endlessly between Istanbul and the rest of Europe and North America. The U.S. atelier, overseen by his nephews Talat and Fevzi Seker, can be found on New York’s Madison Avenue. Seker’s suits are cut in the Neapolitan tradition, using materials from Italy’s finest mills. The experience is truly bespoke, meaning each pattern is original and every aspect is a choice that takes into account a customer’s face, body and complexion. As most of us are not the Vitruvian Man, Seker makes minute adjustments—one arm slightly longer than the other; button placement corresponding to torso length—to create a suit that is pure perfection. “This is my mirror, so what I sell reflects me,” he says. “It’s about responsibility.” Suits require at least two fittings and four to six weeks to produce. Then comes Taci’s personal motto and that infectious smile: “We make life easy, we make people happy.” What could be better than that? Bespoke suits start at $2,500; 675 Madison Ave., 4th fl.; taji.com.tr.