La Mer’s New Body Lotion

Courtesy La Mer

The celebrity favorite moisturizer goes below the neck.

Devotees of La Mer know the skincare line’s secret: the Miracle Broth, created by aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber almost half a century ago, after he suffered horrific burns in a laboratory accident. What they may not know is that the French-named brand is made at the Max Huber Research Labs in Melville, New York, with its key ingredient, giant sea kelp, hand-harvested by native First Nation tribes off the coast of Vancouver Island. And now the abundant amount of nutrients fermented from that sea kelp into the Miracle Broth has been perfected, after four years of research, into its latest incarnation, the Reparative Body Lotion.

“Texture was so important to us,” says Andy Bevacqua, vice president of research and development for La Mer. “We wanted to capture the antiaging power of a serum that would renew the skin and smooth it on contact.” Clarifying algae, marine peptides and rock samphire—a seashore plant known for its retinoid-like exfoliating benefits—accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process to help erase damage. The formula’s lipid-rich supplement, derived from marine microorganisms found in the hydrothermal vents of volcanoes at the bottom of the sea, help prevent dehydration. “Seaweed has been traditionally used by some to treat burns, wounds and rashes, yet the true value of nutrients from the sea are only now being fully realized,” says Bevacqua. “And for Dr. Huber, it was not just the ingredients but also the special process of biofermentation, which the ingredients undergo, that provided the most benefits for the skin.” That process combined with sono-chemistry, in which light and sound mimic the sea kelp’s natural environment, are what make La Mer’s Miracle Broth so effective, whatever form it takes. $150;