Handcrafted Watch Straps

Tom Schierlitz

Pair that vintage Rolex with a gorgeous leather addition.

Ben Clymer, founder of the cultish timepiece-enthusiast website Hodinkee.com, holds a special place in his heart for vintage Rolexes. And the coveted Daytona Paul Newman models from the 1960s and ’70s are his holy grail. “Even with their high resale value right now, if I had the chance to own one, I’d keep it,” says Clymer. It was with these and other vintage Rolex editions in mind that he created a line of watch straps handcrafted from distressed leathers by an artisan in Tuscany. While Clymer customizes his 1972 Submariner with his tan suede style, these straps work just as well with the Rolexes—and other brands—of today. Straps start at $150; hodinkee.com. Rolex Daytona Paul Newman from 1967 and 1973, prices upon request; 10pastten.com.