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Gorgeous Gourds

There's no mistaking Greg Kuharic's fixation. The shelves, tables, and nearly every other flat surface in his New York City apartment are crowded with the stoneware gourds he created over the last five years. Kuharic worked as a studio potter in Indiana after college, then came east and landed a job in Sotheby's 19th and 20th Century Decorative Arts department. But after a 10-year hiatus from working with clay, he left his position and began to sculpt full-time. His inspirations are the vegetables sold at the farm stands of his Midwestern childhood, as well as the swooping details of the Art Nouveau objects he appraised at Sotheby's.

The pieces began as literal representations. "I feel that anything made by nature is beautiful," Kuharic explains. Pete Hathaway, owner of Ragamont House Antiques in Salisbury, Connecticut—and a former Sotheby's colleague—hosted a show of the gourds last September. "Greg's pieces are very organic yet totally sculptural," Hathaway says. Lately Kuharic has become more daring, with some gourds resembling genetic experiments gone awry. Or, as he describes it, "I'm creating a farm stand from Mars." Gourds, $400 to $8,500; 212-534-4740.


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