In a Glass of Its Own

Champagne flutes

For wit and sparkle, nothing matches the exuberance of Carlo Moretti's Champagne flutes. For almost half a century, artisans at his small manufactory on the island of Murano, near Venice, have been handcrafting extraordinary glassware, using traditional techniques to produce Moretti's contemporary designs. In 1990, the artist began creating what are now among his most avidly collected pieces: an annual set of six show-stopping glasses, each different, all mouth-blown and hand-finished into a confection of color. Though whimsical and playful, Moretti's flutes retain a strong sense of artistic integrity. Each year brings special motifs that impart a kind of loose unity: a wash of gold on delicately rounded stems, perhaps, or a riff on swirling canes of color, or, this year, a more opaque, almost milky glass. But the flutes have such unique personalities that you can't help but covet them all ($230 each). Available at Avventura: 463 Amsterdam Avenue, New York; 888-640-9177, 212-769-2510; fax 212-769-2511;