Fresh Cuts

Springtime at the dining table

Leaves are curling, fronds unfurling, and grasses springing to life across the field of the dining table. From William Yeoward Crystal comes a handblown, hand-cut epergne ($7,500; 800-818-8484) that's both a dazzling centerpiece and a triumph of old-world craftsmanship. Taking the place of the customary metal rod is a slender shaft of crystal that extends from the base, through a plate ringed by leaves, to support an upper-tier vase. Like a poppy in full bloom, Elsa Peretti's sterling silver Champagne cup ($650; Tiffany & Co.; 800-526-0649) begins in a firmly rooted stem, blossoming into a bowl with a graceful lip—perfect for tasting and toasting. Sprightly hand-painted flowers with graceful leaves encircle a crystal tumbler by Kimura ($85; Takashimaya; 800-753-2038), while tall grasses with whispery heads, derived from a 19th-century botanical illustration, wave across a decoupage plate from John Derian ($88; 212-677-3917). De Nacre et d'Orient's silver candlestick ($495; Bergdorf Goodman; 800-558-1855) follows the path of a tulip that has survived an early frost and now reaches toward the warm sun of late spring.