The Cult of Craftsmanship

Courtesy Bottega Veneta

When is a bag not just a bag, a jacket not just a jacket? When artisans spend hours upon days perfecting a weave, stitching a lapel, or placing glass beads on a silk flower.

The Inspiration

Bottega Veneta designer Tomas Maier calls this the NYCabat, and given the black-and-yellow palette, his muse is fairly obvious. “When I first visited New York,” says the German-born Maier, “the taxis were shorthand for the city: bold, unyielding, exhilarating.”

The Hours

Two artisans work on one bag for two days straight: After weaving the double-sided leather strips, the surface is hand-brushed.

The Design

The shape is Bottega’s classic Cabat tote, the weave its signature intrecciato. To achieve the alternating color pattern, artisans carefully brush the weave so the black pigment on the surface gives way to the bright yellow underneath.