Tastemakers: 8 Salt and Pepper Shakers

Jens Mortensen

Perfectly spiced food is subjective, so allow guests to season to taste with shakers that show your own signature style.

As small an object a salt or pepper shaker may be, the part they play together at a dinner table is far from insignificant.

"At home, salt and pepper shakers should be a reflection of one’s style," says event designer David Monn. "Whimsical sets can be a perfectly appropriate expressive element, but for a more formal occasion, I prefer either traditional silver or gold columns. As my home decor is very modern, I’m in love with a salt cellar that a dear friend gave me from Atelier Courbet. The salt is stored in a bulb in the handle, and you can pour out your preferred amount in the basin so you can see how much you’re adding to your food. I also love and recommend looking for great salt and pepper shakers at Bergdorf Goodman, William-Wayne & Co. and Scully & Scully."

Whether admired from across the table or passed from hand to hand, here are eight salt and pepper shakers we're most excited about now.