This New Luggage Line Is One of the First Designed Specifically for Business Travelers

Courtesy Speck Travel

Made for everyone who spends four nights of their week in a hotel room.

Not only have the traditional 9-to-5s all but gone out the window, but it’s becoming increasingly common for careers to take us halfway around the world on any given day. There’s now an entire subset of the working world whose life mixes business travel with pleasure travel—whether because you’re traveling three days out of the week and then extending your trip to spend the weekend in a new city, or because your semi-digital nomad life keeps you from your home address more often than not.

Speck Travel recently introduced a luggage line specifically designed with the business traveler in mind. The idea is to produce high-quality luggage and travel accessories perfect for those constantly racking up frequent flier miles. The new line seeks to understand that those packing up suitcases week after week have different carrying needs than those who use their suitcases three times a year when taking an annual vacation or a trip to see family.

One key part of Speck’s travel line is the sheer simplicity of it. Business travelers don’t need an excess of options as much as they need one option that’s fully functional. The line has two backpacks and three suitcases to choose from.

Courtesy Speck Travel

The backpack options: travel or business edition. The travel backpack is designed for the digital nomad who occasionally off roads their travel and needs extra space for provisions. The business backpack is for the traveler who’s more apt to encounter colleagues at an airline lounge—there’s a built-in USB port, a TSA-friendly laptop compartment, and it seamlessly slides over the Speck Travel suitcases.

On the suitcase front, there are three selections: a 22-inch carry-on and the 26-inch and 29-inch checked luggage options. They have a polycarbonate shell to help pack things in and offer the security needed when you’re constantly carting your most important belongings through various airports.

Ultimately, the line seeks to inspire the business traveler to spend an extra day in a new place, get out of their hotel rooms, and explore—even if they only have 24 hours to do so.