Object of Desire: Vinyl Revival

Jens Mortensen

With vinyl sales continuing to rise, a striking new record player is turning music on its end.

Last year, nine million vinyl records were sold in the United States, more than at any time since Nielsen started tracking music sales, in 1991. The great vinyl revival is proving to be more than a passing phase or a nostalgic indulgence. As digital streaming continues to wreak havoc in the music industry, audiophiles are increasingly drawn to the warmth and complexity of analog sound. Others seek solace in the ritual of putting on an album, gazing at the sleeve, and poring over liner notes. Gramovox, best known for its sleek Bluetooth Gramophone, is determined to harness vinyl’s comeback and turn an older technology into something strikingly new. With its elegant Floating Record Vertical Turntable, which focuses attention on the hypnotic rotation of the disk itself, the Chicago-based company reminds us that music can literally be a visual medium. Device comes with built-in speakers and can play both 45s and LPs. $400; gramovox.com