Net-a-Porter Just Put All of Colombia’s Best Designers Into One Gorgeous Shop––and It’s Selling Out Fast

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

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Colombia’s renaissance over the last decade has been potent. With a tourism boom driving crowds to its vibrant cities like Cartagena and Bogotá, travelers from all over the world have fallen for the South American country whose troubled political past has been nearly overwritten by an alchemy of new innovation. There’s just so much to love about the culture — from the energy and the music to the food and the warmth of its people; Colombia's draw is magnetic.

And its fashion, too, can be seen as a representation of that optimistic energy. Legendary designer Silvia Tcherassi asserts that “made in Colombia” fashion acts as a window into the country's diversity. “A designer from the Caribbean region is totally different to a designer from the Andean region. We ‘costeños' — as people from the Caribbean region are called — are more open and extroverted and our designs reflect this approach to life,” she goes on, “But there is a common factor: we respect our traditions, our culture, and we promote the skills and heritage of our artisans. In this context, our country is a never-ending source of inspiration.”

Fortunately for us, Colombian fashion has surged in international markets over the last few years, with Tcherassi launching ecommerce and Johanna Ortiz securing her spot as a forever-favorite among the fashion crowd. Other Colombian brands have also claimed their stake as household names in the worldwide fashion community, and luxury retailer Net-a-Porter has played a part in this, championing Colombian designers and, each year, adding new brands from the region to its site.

Today, Net-a-Porter takes its support to the next level in launching the Colombian Collective, a curation of exclusive capsules from Colombian designers. Each participating designer has created bespoke vacationwear using their native country as inspiration. From the tropical prints to the elegantly woven mochilas, these elevated collections are an ode to what Colombian fashion has come to be known for. From Tcherassi’s capsule, you can expect her trademark ruffles and fluid silhouettes in an array of colors and patterns, focusing on “the femininity, sensuality, and exuberant charm of the women from the Colombian tropics.”

The collection goes live today exclusively on Net-a-Porter. Participating brands include Silvia Tcherassi, Johanna Ortiz, Esteban Cortazar, Verdelimón, Muzungu Sisters, Hunting Season, Carolina Santo Domingo, Magnetic Midnight, Mercedes Salazar, Mallarino, Bibi Marini, Castaner x Mercedes Salazar, and Lazy Poet, and you can shop our favorite pieces below. 

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Mercedes Salazar, Gold-tone and resin hair pins

To buy: $137;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Silvia Tcherassi, Cartagena open-back floral-print crepe maxi dress

To buy: $1,290;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Verdelimón, Tokyo one-shoulder printed swimsuit

To buy:  $176 ;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Carolina Santo Domingo, Luisella tassled gold-tone, cord and resin shoulder bag

To buy: $500 ;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Magnetic Midnight, Gold-dipped woven straw headband

To buy: $660 ;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

The Lazy Poet, Nina printed cotton pajama set

To buy: $185;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Muzungu Sisters, Sicilian pompom-embellished wicker tote

To buy: $400 ;

Courtesy Net-a-Porter

Hunting Season Trunk, striped leather and raffia tote

To buy: $680;