This Is the Luxury Luggage You Need Right Now—and There's Limited Quantities

Courtesy Montblanc

If you're in the market for a new or upgraded carry-on, this is your stop.

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Montblanc and Italian premium tire-making pioneer, Pirelli, have just joined forces to introduce a new limited-edition trolley luggage collection––and it's everything you need for your next quick trip.

The compact four-wheel carry-on of the collection, which comes in multiple designs, eliminates the tired struggle of squeaky, sticky wheels when rolling through the airport. Mobility in these models is seriously enhanced as Pirelli has crafted the wheels of the suitcase with as much consideration as they do their legendary automobile wheels. Made of tough blue polycarbonate with black rubberized leather trim, it's not only built for all the inevitable bumps (no bruises!) that come with travel but will keep you moving swiftly to your next destination in style. Its lightweight feel and highly considered shape and size make it a breeze to sweep up and into the overhead bin or taxi.

Courtesy Montblanc

Aesthetically, the carry-on features yellow Pirelli trademarks on the wheels––the perfect display of your appreciation for luxury design. The iconic Montblanc logo sweeps across the length of the suitcase, stylishly and subtly reminding you and all your fellow passengers of its unparalleled quality.

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Courtesy Montblanc

To buy: without trolley (left), $790; with trolley (right) $940

Complete with compartments for laptops, folders, and other materials, this is the perfect carry-on for frequent business fliers. Because it's available in two designs, you can choose between a sleek exterior ($790) or a style featuring a pocket trolley ($940) for extra storage. Traveling with a companion? The space available in this carry-on suitcase means it's roomy enough for both you and your partner's clothes and items for a weekend getaway.

It's rare that two such longstanding brands, both steeped in the culture of travel and quality craftsmanship, come together to create something tangible, attainable, and practical yet completely luxurious. Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of design retail history, as this collection will only exist for a limited amount of time.